About Us

Indie Boutique Hotels & Resorts is a unique group of independently created modern boutique hotels in some of the most desirable travel destinations, including Miami Beach, New York, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.

They each have their own design & aesthetic but are connected to each other by a culturally inspired team of associates, a personalized customer relationship program aptly named Your Desires, and a commitment to providing a unique lifestyle experience. All of these ingredients combine to create a love affair between our guests and the hotels they stay in.

What Makes an Indie Boutique Hotel & Resort

All Indie Boutique Hotels & Resorts Have the following common elements:

  • Green – Each hotel does its part to be sustainable. You will find that our people believe in conserving resources and we encourage our guests to do the same. We are part of the global soap program aimed at preventing disease by providing recycled soaps to millions of displaced persons through central and eastern Africa. Old soap for a good cause – no brainer!
  • Wifi – Our hotels have free Wifi — just the way you like it.
  • Great Shower – Nothing more invigorating than a great shower. Water pressure, shower heads and great smelling, skin loving amenities are key to feeling good!
  • Great Bed – We are in the business of giving you a good night’s sleep while you are away from home. What’s more important than a comfy bed?
  • Excellent Lighting – We’ve cut ourselves shaving and put on our foundation unevenly enough times to know how important lighting is in your hotel room. You can count on us thinking of that when we designed your room.
  • Pet Friendly – Your furry friend is welcome here. There are rules though – We encourage you to learn more about our pet program.
  • Agents of Desire — our super friendly and accommodating agents will help make your life easier
  • Breakfast – Don’t stroll down to the beach or show up to that morning meeting with a growling stomach. You can always count on us to get a little something in the morning.
  • 3 or 4 Diamond Standard – All of our hotels are either of a three or four diamond standard as a minimum.